Green Card Plus

Green Card Plus

The Green Card Plus loan is an improvement over the Green Card loan as it not just for short term working capital requirements, but also for term loan requirements. As an agriculturist, you also have the advantage of using a portion of your loan for your consumption needs. It provides for both short and long term requirements.

Features and Benefits
  • Provides for credit requirements of the farmer, including both working capital and term loans for agriculture and related activities.
  • Eligibility requires that all previous crop and agriculture term loans be repaid; both to KVB and any other bank, with no existing credit with any bank or financial institution.
  • Partial use permitted for individual consumption.
Charges and Limits

Maximum limit per borrower is Rs.5 lakhs (consumption portion should not exceed 10% of the limit)

Margin    20 to 25%

The credit limit fixed should clearly indicate the working capital and term loan limits.


The validity of the card/limit will be fixed for five years. However, every year the working capital limits alone will be renewed, subject to prompt repayment of installments of the term loan and operation of the working capital limit.

Security For limits up to Rs.50,000
Hypothecation of crops and other agriculture implements and assets to be purchased out of bank finance, Mortgage of agricultural lands or building value should not be less than 100% of the limit.

A third party guarantee is required


Working capital limits repayment is within 1 year.
Term loan component will be repayable within a maximum period of 5 to 7 years.

Rate of interest
Up to Rs. 50, 000/-   Above Rs. 50,000/-
Processing Charges



All the eligible crops will be insured under National agriculture   insurance.
Card holders are eligible to be covered with the existing Personal Accident Insurance Scheme under the master policy for maximum coverage of Rs.50,000/-.

Terms and Conditions
  • The cardholder will be liable for any loss or damage sustained or incurred by him to the bank on account of loss or theft of card.
  • On the expiry data, the card will lapse automatically unless it is renewed or cancelled earlier.
  • The card ceases to be operative with immediate effect in the event of death of the cardholder.