Green Harvester

Green Harvester

The Green Harvester Scheme finances the purchase of all types of harvester. Now you can easily afford to purchase this harvester that will help you to efficiently increase your productivity and get the most out of your land.

  • For the purchase of a combine harvester.
  • The guarantee for the loan as acceptable to the bank
Charges and Limits
Loan Amount

Cost of harvester minus the margin subject to maximum of Rs.25 Lakhs

Repayment        3 to 5 years
Margin Minimum of 20%
Rate of interest contanct nearby branches
Primary Security Hypothecation of the harvester to be purchased out of our bank finance
Collateral Security 100% of loan amount (preferably building)
SCHEME ROI (floating) p.a.
KVB Green Harvest (Margin 20%) One-year MCLR + 0.85%

For details of Processing Charges & other charges, prospective customers are requested to contact nearby branches