KVB Micro Plus

KVB Micro plus is an exclusive product for Microenterprises. Both the manufacturing and service enterprise can be considered under the product.

Features and Benefits
  • Exclusive product for Microenterprises.
  • Both manufacturing and service enterprises can be considered under the product.
  • Specific assessment method to assess the credit requirements irrespective of the nature of business / sector to address the increased credit demand on account of growth stage financing.
  • Attractive Pricing.
Charges and Limits
Purpose Working capital facilities as overdraft or as Short-term loan. Combination of Overdraft and Short-term loan are also available.
Eligibility Entities with minimum one year of profitable operations are eligible.
Limit Loan amount - Rs. 10 Lakhs to Rs. 150 Lakhs.
Financial limit Entities which are not in a position to maintain audited financial statements due to their scale of operations but paying tax on presumptive basis (turn over up to Rs. 100 Lakhs or those professionals/service providers whose gross income does not cross Rs. 50 Lakhs) a limit of up to Rs. 30 Lakhs can be considered without audited financials.
Security Coverage Security coverage required is 125% in case of immovable properties and 100% in case of liquid securities.
Interest Rate
  • The applicable Rate of Interest (ROI) is linked to the Credit Score / Rating.
  • For details please refer the section on Interest Rates.
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