Internet Banking

Internet Banking

This facility is available to you and your employees for all your online routine business transactions. It can be used by anyone qualified as a corporate, which includes sole proprietors, firms, companies, banks and Government bodies. KVB's Internet Banking is available with the security of Double Factor Authentication, which is a combination of a 4 digit PIN and a random number generated by an RSA token.

Operational Guidelines

Make both financial and non-financial transaction through Net Banking. For joint accounts, the primary account holder alone can make financial transactions, provided all the account holders authorize the primary account holder. To undertake financial transactions, an RSA token is mandatory for Corporate customers


The details/menus available are:

  • My Accounts
  • Transfer funds
  • Loans
  • Customer Services
My Accounts

You can have details of all the CASA accounts mapped to your customer ID. Details including the account no., the name of the account and he current balance of all the CASA Accounts mapped to one customer ID can be viewed. Account details can also be viewed and printouts can be taken.

Transfer Funds

You can transfer funds without any time restrictions from any of your accounts to any other account within KVB as well as to accounts with other banks through RTGS.


All corporate loan accounts can be mapped to a particular customer ID. Specific details such as the loan due date, the next instalment due date, Letter of Credit, Export and Import bills, etc. can be viewed.

Customer Service

You can view the status of a number of other services like:

  • Cheque status – To know if a particular cheque is paid or not
  • Stop cheque payment - To stop the payment of the cheque
  • Forex Rate Inquiry
  • Bulletins
  • Mail Box
  • Cheque Book status Inquiry
  • Registering alerts – To register for alerts and messages
  • Change Password – To change your password word to log-in to internet banking
  • Session summary report - To know the summary of your log-in activities

You can receive a statement of accounts by e-mail. You can receive e-statements daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, at your request and convenience.

E-Statements are free for all customers and for all receipt cycles. However, for a daily e-statement, KVB will charge the customer Rs.100/- per month.

You may contact the branch where you have your account and register for the service by providing your e-mail ID.

Locking and Unlocking of User ID new

You can lock or unlock your User ID by sending an SMS from your registered mobile number to 56161 / 9244770000 with the text KVBNET xxxxxx LOCK / UNLOCK where xxxxxx denotes login ID.

Double Factor Authentication

The Double Factor Authentication works on the principle of "something you know and something you have". A 4 digit RSA PIN will initially be issued to customers which is "something you know". This number can subsequently be changed by the customers as per their choice. The RSA token will generate a random number every minute, which is "something you have". This number will be valid for 60 seconds only. The combination of the RSA PIN and Random Number will be the PASSCODE which is to be used for authentication. This ensures absolute security for the financial transactions of the customers.

Internet banking is free of cost. The RSA token is provided free of charges by the bank to Corporates

E-Mail ID for customer to confirm
E-Mail ID to activate User ID.

24 X 7 Helpline Number – 1860 – 200 – 1916 (local call charges applicable)