Mobile Alerts

Mobile Alerts

Now receive automatic alerts via SMS for your account balance, transactions, cheque status etc. and make enquiries about your account information with the KVB 'SMS alerts' and 'SMS enquiries' facilities. This can be received through most of the service providers, for both GSM and CDMA enabled handsets.

The two types of mobile alerts available are:

  • SMS enquiries
  • SMS alerts

The basic difference between enquiries and alerts is that alerts are sent by the bank without being requested by the customer whereas enquiries are requests sent by the customer to the bank requesting for information about their account.

Operational Guidelines

SMS Enquiries:

The facilities available under SMS enquiries are:

  • Balance
  • Transaction
  • Cheque status
  • Cheque stop payment instruction
  • Cheque book request
  • Term deposit
SMS to be send to 56161

SMS Alerts:

Alerts can be in the form of an SMS, an email or both.

The facilities available under SMS alerts are:

  • Credit alert
  • Debit alert
  • Balance alert

You can avail of the SMS enquiry service on your mobile phone without having to visit the branch for registration, if your mobile number is already fed into the customer master. You can also log on to our Internet Banking and activate the facility.

You have to submit an application form to avail of the SMS alert facility.

Key words for SMS enquiries
  • KVBREG: To register for KVB@MobilE
  • KVBBAL – Balance enquiry
  • KVBTXN - Transaction enquiry
  • KVBCHR - Request for a new cheque book
  • KVBCHQ - Cheque status enquiry
  • KVBCHS - Request to stop the payment of a cheque
  • KVBTDQ - Term Deposit enquiry
  • KVBACC – To change default a/c. number
  • KVBHLP - Help (to get a list of key words)

Keywords for Activation/De-activation of e-statement and Physical Statement:

  • KVBESTAT xxxx REG – Activation of e-Statement
  • KVBESTAT xxxx DEREG – De-Activation of e-Statement
  • KVBESTAT xxxx FREQ y – Frequency change of e-Statement
  • KVBESTAT xxxx INQ – e-Statement inquiry (to know the last statement dispatch date by the bank)
  • KVBSTAT xxxx REG – Activation of Physical Statement (Only for select products)
  • KVBSTAT xxxx DEREG - De-activation of Physical Statement (only for select products)

xxxx - denotes the Account Number of the customer

y - Denotes the FREQ to be updated where M for Monthly, B for Bi-Monthly, W for Weekly and D for Daily.