Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS)

The Bank has introduced IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) facility for Customer convenience. Customers can dial the helpline number 1860 200 1916 and can avail banking services through an automated system which supports 6 different languages (English, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam). For availing these services, register your Customer ID in IVRS.

IVRS Registration Procedure:

1. Dial 1860 200 1916 from your registered mobile number with the Bank

2. You will hear the message "Welcome to KVB IVR Services".

You will be directed to "Select your preferred languages"

  • a. Enter 1 for English
  • b. Enter 2 for Tamil
  • c. Enter 3 for Hindi
  • d. Enter 4 for Telugu
  • e. Enter 5 for Kannada
  • f. Enter 6 for Malayalam

3. On your preferred language selection, you will hear the following options:

  • a. Press 1 to Continue with IVR
  • b. Press 2 to Hotlist the card
  • c. Press 9 to speak to our Phone Banking Officer

4. Please select 1 to continue with IVR Option

5. Upon selecting 1 to continue with IVR Option, you will hear the following selection to continue with your preferred language

a. Continue with the preferred language

  • i. Press 1 for Yes
  • ii. Press 2 for No

6. Upon selecting the same, you will hear the following

  • a. Type your Customer ID (Note: if calling from non-registered number, system will prompt for the registered mobile number)
  • b. OTP Available Yes or No
  • c. If NO generate OTP
  • d. If YES validate OTP
  • e. Enter your new four digit TPIN of your own
  • f. Re-enter your new four digit TPIN
  • g. TPIN registered successfully

You have successfully registered for IVRS channel with the Bank. Next time onwards, you have to enter your customer ID and TPIN and you will be directed to the services.

Now you can avail the following 24/7 in IVRS

For further clarifications & assistance, kindly contact our Contact Centre 1860 200 1916(local call charges applicable)