Arogya card for Senior Citizens

KVB in association with Vidal Health Insurance Third party Administrator (TPA) launching KVB Arogya Card for cashless access hospitalization for senior citizens. KVB Arogya Card is a unique feature adds value for Senior Citizen Fixed Deposits. A depositor can avail overdraft facility of 90% over fixed deposits or pre-close Senior Citizen Fixed Deposits for emergency hospitalization. Customers who are maintaining a Senior Citizen SB account and Term Deposits of Rs. 1 Lakh or above with a tenor of 1 year and above can avail KVB Arogya Card.

Features and Benefits
  • Avail 90% overdraft facility or pre-close fixed deposit without pre-closure charges for hospitalization.
  • 5-20% Discounts on hospitalization & Preferential pricing for expensive pharma therapies.
  • 24x7 access to doctors on the phone.
  • Network hospitals could offer between 5-10% lower rates.
  • Free Tele consultation with top specialists.
  • Free ‘second opinion’ consultation before hospitalization.
  • Health information –“Ask Expert” email counselling service, Health tips and monthly newsletter.
  • Navigation facility: selecting appropriate doctors and hospitals can result in a better outcome.
  • Cashless access to the hospital on the network with a navigation service to advice on Vidal tie-up hospital selection.
  • 5-10% lower rates at network hospitals.
  • Information on treatment costs at various hospitals, availability of doctors in such hospitals and post-hospitalization services.
Brief about the card
  • This feature is launched in association with Vidal Health care services Private Limited.
  • This is not linked with any Insurance product & card will not be issued without a customer holding a fixed deposit with our bank.
  • The senior citizen satisfying the below criteria can be issued a KVB Arogya Card against fixed deposit maintained with our bank which can be used as an identification card for cashless hospitalization at a list of Vidal authorized network hospitals.
    • Senior Citizen must have a savings account.
    • Senior Citizen SA customers (new or existing) having term deposit of Rs. 1 Lakh or above with a tenor more than 1 year.
    • Fixed deposit would be lien marked while issuance of the KVB Arogya Card.
  • For placing a request for Arogya card, the applicant has to sign and submit a single page application form which can be generated from FRS utility once a lien is marked on the fixed deposit.
  • An overdraft against the deposit to the extent of 90% of the fixed deposit can be availed for the purpose of settlement of the hospital bill in case of hospitalization.
  • The rate of interest for the overdraft against fixed deposit would be 2% above the contracted rate of interest for fixed deposit.
  • Customers can continue the FD after repayment of availed OD at any point of time during the tenor of the FD.
  • In case a customer wishes to pre-close the deposit attached with KVB Arogya Card, the branch has to first close the OD linked to the term deposit if any. Then the branch proceeds with the closure of the deposit subject to the customer surrender the KVB Arogya Card to the branch.
Terms and Conditions
KVB Arogya Card 16 digit Plastic card for cashless hospitalization against a fixed deposit.
Eligibility Senior Citizen who is having saving account and fixed deposit of Rs. 1 Lakh and above with a tenor of more than 1 year.
Purpose Cashless hospitalization against a fixed deposit. (No Insurance benefit / features attached).
Overdraft facility Overdraft against the deposit to the extent of 90% of the fixed deposit at a rate of interest of 2% above the contracted rate of interest for a fixed deposit for settlement of the hospital bill.
Card issuance fee Rs. 150 + GST per annum
Card lost fee Rs. 150 + GST
Card validity Up to lien closure or fixed deposit closure.
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