Extra care

Critical Illness
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Extra Care is a top up health insurance plan that allows you to extend your existing health insurance cover. If the sum insured of your existing health insurance plan does not suffice for expenses due to illness or accidents, Extra Care health insurance policy takes care of the additional hospitalization expenses.


It's just a top-up to your health insurance - but it'll take care of the worst.

  • This is a floater policy; thus there will be a single sum insured and single premium for the whole family.
  • Competitive premium rates.
  • High deductible health insurance product.
  • No medical tests up to 55 years of age, subject to a clean proposal form.
  • Pre-existing diseases will be covered after 4 years.
  • Continuity for waiting periods would be given for any indemnity cover irrespective of sum insured in the earlier policy.
  • The policy covers ambulance charges in case of emergency subject to a maximum of Rs.3000/-.
What are the benefits of this policy?

The Extra Care policyprovides you with emergency medical cover in case your regular policy falls short of your needs.

  • Can be taken as an add-on policy with any health insurance policy.
  • Income tax benefit on the premium paid as per section 80-D of Income Tax Act as per existing IT law.
  • Premium starting at Rs.2500 p.a with sum insured options of Rs.10, 12 or 15 lakhs.

Though premium begins at Rs.2500/-, the health cover provided goes up to Rs.15 lakh.

  • Medical Expenses: Covered up to the sum insured.
  • Ambulance Charges: Up to Rs.3000/-.
  • Pre and Post Hospitalisation: Up to 60 and 90 days respectively.
  • Waiver for Pre-existing Diseases: After 4 years of continuous policy.
  • Floater Policy (up to 3 children): Single sum insured for the whole family.
  • Continuity: Continuity for waiting periods will be given for any policy at any sum insured.
  • Pre-acceptance Medical Test: No test till 55 years of age for clean proposals.
  • Entry Age 3 months-70 years: Renewable up to 80 years.
  • Affordable Premium: Starting at Rs.2500/-.
  • Pre-existing diseases/injuries.
  • Disease contracted during first 30 days of policy.
  • Joint replacement surgery (except due to accidents) shall have a 4-year waiting period.
  • War, invasion, acts of foreign enemies.
  • Circumcision, cosmetic or aesthetic treatment.
  • Any form of plastic surgery.
  • The cost of spectacles, contact lenses, hearing aids, crutches, artificial limbs, dentures, artificial teeth and all other external appliances.
  • Dental treatment.
  • Convalescence, general debility or weakness.
Plan Details

For example, if you have Rs.3 lakhs health insurance cover from your employer and your hospitalisation bill is Rs.10 lakhs for a single hospitalisation, then you would use the insurance policy from your employer to pay the first Rs.3 lakhs of the expenses and then pay the remaining Rs.7 lakhs using the Extra Care policy. The expense paid by your existing insurance policy or by you is called the Deductible Amount. Extra Care specifies a Deductible Amount for each sum insured option. The 3 sum insured and the corresponding deductible amounts are listed here:

Voluntary Deductibles:
Sum insured

Deductible Amount
(Paid by your existing

health policy or by you)
.10 lakh . 3 lakh
. 12 lakh . 4 lakh
. 15 lakh . 5 lakh

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