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KVB - Mortgage Loan caters to the fast-growing Personal and business financial needs. The loan can be availed both as Term Loan (EMI) and as an Overdraft Facility. The process is entirely paperless. In principle, approval can be provided in 15 minutes subject to the satisfaction of CIBIL and rating scores.

Features and Benefits
  • Only resident individuals are eligible for this loan.
  • The loan shall be granted for general purposes like Personal, Consumption, Education, Health, Business, etc., other than speculative purposes.
  • The property should be owned by individuals only and if owned jointly, Title holders to join as Co-applicants.
  • Process is paperless, quick and convenient.
  • In principle sanction provided in 15 minutes subject to the satisfaction of CIBIL and rating scores.
Charges and Limits
Loan Amount Rs. 10 Lakhs to Rs. 300 lakhs
Maximum Repayment Tenor 100 Months – EMI (Term Loans)
Holiday Period Nil
Primary Security Equitable mortgage (Fresh Charge) by deposit of title deeds.
Guarantee A suitable Guarantor with sufficient net worth, acceptable to the Bank.
Processing Charges 0.50% of loan amount.
Fore Closure Charges 2% on the amount prepaid.
Other Terms & Conditions
  • Eligibility shall be arrived based on the latest three years average income, as declared in ITR.
  • Minimum Income of Rs.15,000/- per month.
  • Mandatory undertaking from the borrower/s to effect that the loan / limit will not be for speculative purposes.
  • Residential & commercial buildings owned by resident Indians will be accepted as securities.
  • Agricultural properties, Factories, Godowns, Cinema Halls, Schools, Restaurants, etc., will not be accepted as securities.
Interest Rate
Nature of Facility ROI
Mortgage Loans Minimum 12.05% Maximum 15.40%

Note : Rate of Interest linked to MCLR. Rates will change based on prevalent MCLR.

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