Smart Savings Bank Account

Smart Savings Bank Account - KVB

The KVB Smart Savings Bank Account is a special zero balance account specifically structured for corporate salary accounts. So if your organization is looking for a smart, simple banking solution for your employees, look no further than the KVB Smart Savings Bank Account.

Features and Benefits
  • Zero balance account
  • Debit Card - FREE ON ISSUE. After one year AMC charges will be applicable.
  • Free Transfer of funds
  • Free Bill Pay Service
  • Free Statements of Account Through e- mail
  • Upfront Salary Credit Facility Available – Upto a maximum of 50% of the last salary credited. (Subject to conditions)*
  • Free Internet Banking
  • Mobile banking – AMC charges applicable.
  • Two DD/ PO - not exceeding a value of Rs.10, 000/-per month
  • Free cheque leaves - FREE 40 LEAVES PER YEAR
  • Free NEFT – 3 Transactions per month
  • The number of all debit transactions including ATM transactions in the account will be limited to 90 transactions for each half year for all the accounts mapped to a single customer ID put together.
  • A service charge of Rs.2.25/- inclusive of GST will be levied for each transaction in excess of 90 transactions

KYC Documents for opening an Account
Service Charges