Debit Card

Debit Cards

KVB offers International VISA Debit cards to its NRE & NRO account holding customers. These cards are internationally accepted and can be used to access all KVB ATMs and over 13000 domestic ATMs under the VISA / NFS cluster and over 1 million VISA ATMs worldwide.

  • KVB's VISA Debit Cards can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs, pay for purchases at Points of sale and pay of air and rail tickets booked through the Internet
  • Verified by VISA (V by V) facility for secured transfer of funds.
  • Add-on card will be issued on request to the spouse for Savings Bank Accounts
  • Maximum cash withdrawal through KVB ATM is Rs. 30000/- per day.
  • No service charges for use of KVB ATMs
  • All Savings Bank Account holders (except Kalpatharu), Current Accounts held in individual or joint names, sole proprietorship, partnership or limited companies.
Terms and conditions
  • In case of partnership and Limited Company accounts, VISA Debit card will be issued in the name of one of the authorized / designated partners / signatories. Add-on cards will not be issued.
  • Charges as applicable from time to time will be levied for use of the cards in ATMs of other banks.