Bharath QR code

QR code-based payment solution enables your customer to make the payment by simply scanning the QR Code through their Bank’s Mobile App. With BharatQR, KVB provides you with a solution that helps you lower your operational costs as no physical terminal is required to accept card.

Features and Benefits
  • Ease of payment - Simply scan and pay to the merchant.
  • Safe and Secure - Card details remain in complete control of the Card Holder.
  • Instant Notification - Both customer and merchant will get instant transaction notification.
  • Less complaints - Transactions are initiated by the customer rather than the merchant.
  • No Documentation for availing BharatQR.
  • Less waiting time for activation.
  • Mobile app for merchants.
Purchasing via Bharat QR
  • The below-mentioned steps need to be followed for purchase via Bharat QR:
  • Step-1: Login to KVB QR PAY App. In case the App is not available on phone, please download and register for KVB QR PAY app from Google Play Store.
  • Step-2: Click on BharatQR scan & pay the merchant.
  • Step-3: Scan merchant’s Bharat QR code.
  • Step-4: Enter amount to be paid and confirm.
  • Step-5: Select a card for payment and confirm.
  • Step-6: Receive payment confirmation message.
Merchants availing Bharat QR
  • The below mentioned steps needs to be followed by merchant to avail Bharat QR:
  • Step-1: Download KVB BHARAT QR MERCHANT app from Google Play Store.
  • Step-2: Click on New user? Sign up.
  • Step-3: Enter CustomerID (can be received by dialing 8882101234 from a registered mobile number).
  • Step-4: Enter OTP.
  • Step-5: Select your preferred current account, Business, confirm your email id, Enter your outlet name, Enter your GST number, Select your turnover above 20 Lakhs - Yes / No, Accept Terms & Conditions and Click Continue.
  • Your request will be sent for verification. Once verified, Bank will mail BharatQR code and login credentials to registered mail id.
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