Board of Directors

Shri N. S. Srinath

Shri N. S. Srinath DIN: 01493217 Non-Executive Independent (Part-time) Chairman

Shri N. S. Srinath, is a graduate in Science and Law and a Certified Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers. He holds certificate in Industrial Finance. He started his career in Banking by joining Canara Bank in the year 1970 and worked in the Bank in the various geographical regions. He was elevated to various cadres between 1970 to April 2006 and worked in the Bank as a General Manager in charge of Personnel Wing at its Head Office at Bangalore from May 2006. In Canara Bank he has served in the areas of Information Technology Projects, HRD besides banking operations. He was instrumental in implementing ERP solutions in Canara Bank and has deep insight into leveraging technology and optimization of Human Resources Management.

He was appointed as an Executive Director of the Bank of Baroda. He was Chairman on the Boards of Bank of Baroda (Trinidad and Tobago) Limited and Bank of Baroda Ghana Limited, wholly owned subsidiaries of Bank of Baroda till May 31, 2012 and was also on the Board of India Infrastructure Finance Company (UK) Limited from December 01, 2010 till October 31, 2011.

He was also on the Board of Central Registry of Securitization Asset Reconstruction and Security Interest (CERSAI), a Section 25 Company registered under the Companies Act, 1956, since its inception till May 31, 2012. He was trustee (Government of India Appointment) in Stressed Assets Stabilization Fund till December 31, 2015. He is a Non-Executive Independent Director of the Bank since 29.06.2012 and he was appointed as Non-Executive Independent (Part-time) Chairman of the Bank w.e.f 27.05.2019. He is representing Majority Sector “Banking - HRM” on the Board.

Shri P. R. Seshadri

Shri P. R. Seshadri DIN: 07820690 Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Shri P. R. Seshadri is a senior banker with Commercial and Retail Banking experience of over 25 years spanning multiple geographies. He is an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) and Delhi College of Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering). He has significant experience in working in highly regulated businesses / environments in Asia / UK. He started his banking career with Citibank N.A., India in early 1992. He was involved with Citibank India in various capacities till 2005. He made significant contributions to Citibank’s business in India. From 2003 - 2005, he was the Managing Director of Citi Financial Consumer Finance India Limited, a pioneer in the consumer finance space. Prior to this, he was Marketing Director, Citibank India responsible for lending products and the development of structured products - e.g., securitization. He also held the position of Managing Director, Citi Financial Retail Services India Limited – another Citi-owned NBFC. In this capacity as Head of Banking Collections, Citibank N.A., he pioneered many of the collection practices commonplace in the industry today. He was the Principal Architect of Citi’s Collection Code of Conduct – documentation of best practices that has been widely emulated. In addition, whilst in India, he held senior positions in retail and commercial (SME) businesses. He moved to Singapore in 2005 as the Managing Director & Regional Head of Lending Businesses, Asia Pacific. In this capacity, he was responsible for Citibank’s Lending Businesses in 13 countries / territories across the Asia Pacific. Subsequently, he was appointed as the Managing Director & Head of Sales & Distribution, Citibank in the Asia Pacific. In this capacity, he was responsible for sales / distribution of all of Citi’s products through branches / other non-branch channels. He was a key driver for the rapid changes to Citi’s sales and distribution model over this period. He was Chief Executive Officer of BFC Bank Limited – a ‘Global Payment Bank’ established in London to provide convenient and fast global payments capabilities while fully conforming to regulatory requirements - at reasonable costs - to payment service providers and medium-sized corporates in the UK and elsewhere.

Dr. V. G. Mohan Prasad

Dr. V. G. Mohan Prasad DIN: 00002802 Non-Executive Independent Director

Dr. V. G. Mohan Prasad, M.D., D.M., F.C.C.P., M.I.A.S.L. is a Medical Practitioner and also engaged in Agriculture. He has practical experience in the field of Agriculture. He was on the Board of the Bank from 28.07.2003 till 27.07.2011. He is a Non - Executive Independent Director of the Bank. He is representing Majority Sector “Agriculture” on the Board.

Shri M. K. Venkatesan

Shri M. K. Venkatesan DIN: 00032235 Non-Executive Non-Independent Director

Shri M. K. Venkatesan is an Economics Graduate and engaged in Mundy business (dealing in agricultural commodities). He is one of the Promoters of the Bank. He was a Director of the Bank during the periods from 22.02.1992 to 18.02.2000 and 26.11.2003 to 26.07.2009. He is a Non-Executive Non-Independent Director of the Bank. He is representing Majority Sector “Business – MSME” on the Board.

Shri A. K. Praburaj

Shri A. K. Praburaj DIN: 07004825 Non-Executive Non-Independent Director

Shri A. K. Praburaj is a Commerce graduate and a dealer in Indian Oil Corporation. He is one of the Promoters of the Bank. He has an interest in certain finance firms. He was a Director of the Bank during the period from 04.12.1997 to 07.03.2004. He is a Non-Executive Non-Independent Director of the Bank. He is representing Minority Sector “Trade & Commerce” on the Board.

Smt CA. K. L. Vijayalakshmi

Smt CA. K. L. Vijayalakshmi DIN: 07116809 Non-Executive Independent Director

Smt CA. K. L. Vijayalakshmi is a graduate in Business Management from University of Mysore and Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. She is Partner in M/s Khicha and Prabu Kesavan, Chartered Accountants, Coimbatore since 1995. She has more than 25 years of experience in various audits like Branch Statutory Audits, Concurrent Audits, Income Leakage Audits, etc., and Branch audit of Insurance companies. She is a Non-Executive Independent Director of the Bank. She is representing Minority Sector “Commerce & Special Knowledge - Accountancy” on the Board.

Shri M. V. Srinivasamoorthi

Shri M. V. Srinivasamoorthi DIN: 00694618 Non-Executive Non-Independent Director

Shri M. V. Srinivasamoorthi is a graduate in Chemistry. He is an exporter in readymade garments and home textiles for the past 18 years. He hails from the promoter’s family. He is a Non-Executive Non-Independent Director of the Bank. He is representing Majority Sector “Business – MSME” on the Board.

Dr. K. S. Ravichandran

Dr. K. S. Ravichandran DIN: 00002713 Non-Executive Independent Director

Dr. K. S. Ravichandran, holds a Masters in Commerce, a Bachelor in Law, a Fellow Member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, a Diploma in Electronics and Radio Communication Engineering and a Diploma in Technology. He was awarded a doctorate from the Department of Management, Alagappa University on Prosecution of Directors under Company Law and Criminal Law in India & UK. He had served the Indian Air Force for over 9 years specializing in Russian Radar Systems. He is the Founder and Managing Partner of M/s KSR & Co Company Secretaries LLP. He specializes in Corporate Laws, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016, Intellectual Property Rights and Arbitrations and appears regularly before various Tribunals, Appellate Tribunals, Regulators and Adjudicating Authorities. Many cases argued by him have been reported in leading law journals. He is a member of International Association for Protection of Intellectual Property Rights; INSOL International, a global organization of corporate insolvency professionals and Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, UK. He is the Co-Chairman of the Karnataka Council of ASSOCHAM. He has authored more than 500 Articles and 7 books, the latest being on “Contraventions under Corporate Laws”. He has addressed in more than 300 seminars and conferences. He is a Non - Executive Independent Director of the Bank, representing Majority Sector “Law” on the Board.

Shri R. Ramkumar

Shri R. Ramkumar DIN: 00275622 Non-Executive Non-Independent Director

Shri R. Ramkumar holds a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Secretaryship (B.C.S.,) from Loyola College, Chennai and Masters in Business Administration in Human Resources. He has rich experience in the business of textiles and export of home textiles. He widely travelled overseas on his export business and had more than 12 years of experience in the textiles business and also has a business interest in certain finance firms. He hails from the promoter’s family. He was co-opted as an Additional Director of the Bank on June 25, 2018. He is Non-Executive Non-Independent Director representing minority sector ‘Business and Finance’ on the Board of the Bank.

Shri Sriram Rajan

Shri Sriram Rajan DIN: 02162118 Additional Director (Non-Executive Independent)

Shri Sriram Rajan is a Technology professional with over 18 years of experience in the IT industry. His experience in the technology sector spans across Analytics, Cloud, Security, IoT, Middleware, Hardware, Software and Services. He believes that Software has the potential to transform businesses fundamentally - thereby infusing unprecedented growth and scale.
He has a proven track record of building and scaling large businesses, his leadership style is collaborative and team-work oriented. He believes that 'People' are the cornerstones of an organization and that leaders play a significant role in establishing a climate where they are invigorated to bring their best selves to work every day. He led, through his career, talent and people development from the front, by focusing on their skills and competencies.
He has experience spanning various aspects of the business – product management, leading channels and branches, P&L management, services delivery, fulfilment, customer satisfaction. In his last assignment at IBM, he led the Analytics Platform business for the Asia Pacific markets. He is currently engaged in growing and scaling an organic farming business, with the vision to make available chemical free vegetables and fruits to customers; develop sustainable farms; help communities, in and around the farm, gain economic prosperity and make advancements in education.
He has completed a program in ‘Executive Leadership’ from Cornell University. He is certified across the entire range of IBM Analytics products, 'Watson Data Platform', Block Chain to name a few.
His guiding career purpose is to create an impact in the IT industry, that is global in its applicability and contribute significantly towards poverty alleviation, and children's education
He completed his graduation in Electrical Engineering (with distinction) and post-graduation in Management (PGDM). He is Non-Executive Independent Director representing majority sector ‘Information Technology’ on the Board of the Bank.

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