KVB Grama Jyothi Account

KVB Grama Jyothi Savings Bank account is a no-frills product designed exclusively for implementing Financial Inclusion. In this, the customers need not come to the branch for carrying out basic banking transactions like deposits and withdrawal.

Name of the product No-Frill SB Account -KVB GRAMA JYOTHI. (P. Code 176)
Opening balance Account can be opened with Zero Balance.
Minimum balance requirement Nil
Cheque book facility Not available
ATM Debit card Rupay Debit card
Multi-city status Not available
Non-maintenance of Minimum balance charges. Nil
Bio-Metric smart cards Available (New card has been stopped wef. 2017).
Minimum amount of transaction. Rs. 10/-
Maximum No. of transactions per day 3
Eligible branches The branches which are allotted with villages by SLBC / Bank under Financial Inclusion programme / Rural branches.
Overdraft facility Maximum of Rs. 2,500/- based on the genuine needs / satisfactory operations for six months. The limit should be fixed by the branch manager only. Maximum period allowed for a closure of the limit is six months from the date of availment. It can be renewed once the account is brought to the credit balance. This facility can be availed by the customer for a maximum of 4 times a year after bringing to credit balance every time.
Rate of Interest Base rate + 1%
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