Easy Trade Fin

If you are an Individual, Sole Proprietor or a Partnership Firm engaged in trading, our Easy Trade Fin scheme provides easy working capital solutions to grow your business.

Features and Benefits
  • A secured overdraft for Traders.
  • Individuals, Proprietorships or Partnership Firms are eligible.
  • For working capital requirements of Traders with a turn over up to Rs. 100 Lakhs.
Terms and Conditions
  • The loan assessment will be based on the actual sales turnover of the previous year.
Charges and Limits
Loan Amount Maximum of Rs. 20 Lakhs.
Margin Rs. 100 Lakhs, Maximum turnover.
Primary Security
  • Residential / Commercial land and building property
  • If immovable properties are insufficient to cover the required margin, Term Deposits / National Savings Certificates / Life Insurance Policies (all or any of them) will also be accepted to cover the difference amount in full with the following conditions,
    • The instruments should be in the name/s of the applicant, proprietor / partner/s of the applicant firm.
    • Surrender value alone to be considered in case of insurance policies.
    • For National Savings Certificates, lock-in period (if any) should have been completed and face value will be taken.
    • For Fixed Deposit, Principal amount should be taken and for Term Deposits, Principal plus accumulated interest as on date should be taken.
Collateral Security Hypothecation of stock-in-trade
Guarantor Partners and title holders of the property
Repayment The Secured Overdraft shall be for a period of one year, which shall be reassessed and renewed before the expiry of the due date based on the financial / operational performance

Note: For processing charges & other charges, contact nearby branches.

Interest Rate
  • The applicable Rate of Interest (ROI) is linked to the Credit Score / Rating.
  • For details please refer the section on Interest Rates.
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