KVB Commodity Plus

KVB Commodity plus loans are designed to meet the needs of the commodity traders. The loan amount ranges from Rs. 15 Lakhs to Rs. 1,000 Lakhs based on the requirement and business needs to help the traders flourish their business.

Features and Benefits
  • Eligible for Traders / importers / exporters of -
    a) Pulses, viz. Tur dal (red gram), chana, hara chana, chana dal, dalia, kabuli chana, horse gram, masoor, matar, moong, turkish gram, rajma, urad dal (black gram), vaal (field beans), etc.,
    b) Cereals, viz. wheat, maize, rice, raagi, jowar, oats, corn, barley, millet, roasted grain, etc.,
    c) Spices, viz. cinnamon (dal chini), green cardamom (elaichi), asafoetida, jeera, black pepper, garlic, ginger, clove, tej patta (bay leaf), etc.,
    d) Edible oils.
  • Minimum 2 years of profitable operations.
  • Minimum rating at the entry level shall be KVB BB, i.e., score of 51 and above.
  • Eligible constitution - Individual, sole proprietorship concern, partnership firm, LLP, HUF, companies.
  • OCC / SOD-RE / PCL / FBN / FBP are issued for Working capital requirement.
  • ILC / FLC issued for the purchase of raw material.
Charges and Fees
Nature of facility
  • Fund based - OCC / SOD-RE / PCL / FBN / FBP.
  • Non-fund based - ILC / FLC (for purchase / import of raw material).
  • OCC / SOD-RE / PCL / FBN / FBP - Working capital requirement.
  • ILC / FLC - For purchase of raw material.
Validity / Tenor
  • OCC / SOD-RE / PCL / FBN / FBP / LC - One year.
  • Usance period - 180 days for FLC and 120 days for ILC.
  • Working capital limits- Minimum Rs. 15 Lakhs and maximum Rs. 1,000 Lakhs (both funded and non-funded limits put together).
  • OCC- 25% on stocks and 35% on book debts not older than 90 days.
  • SOD-RE - 40% on Primary Security.
  • ILC / FLC - 15% cash margin.
  • PCL - 25%.
  • FBN - NIL.
  • FBP - 10%.
Primary Security
  • OCC / PCL / FBN / FBP / ILC / FLC - Hypothecation of entire current assets.
  • SOD-RE - Equitable mortgage on residential or commercial properties other than agricultural property (with minimum security coverage of 167%).
Collateral Security
  • SOD-RE - Hypothecation of entire current assets.
  • OCC / PCL / ILC / FLC / FBN / FBP.
  • Equitable mortgage on residential or commercial properties other than agricultural property. Minimum collateral security coverage shall be 75%.
  • No relaxation will be permitted.
  • If immovable properties are not sufficient to cover the required margin, Term Deposits / NSCs / Life Insurance Policies (all or any of them) may also be accepted to cover the difference amount. However, third-party instruments are not acceptable.
  • Third party properties may be accepted as per credit policy provisions.
  • Partners of the firms / directors of the company / title holders of the immovable properties given as security and husband of lady guarantors / lady partners / proprietrix as per credit policy provisions.
Processing Charges
  • For fresh / takeover - 0.25% + GST (50% concession).
  • For renewal - 0.20% + GST (50% concession).
Interest Rate
  • The applicable Rate of Interest (ROI) is linked to the Credit Score / Rating.
  • For details please refer the section on Interest Rates.
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