KVB MSME Cash offers working capital solutions for your business. Based on the nature of the business you can avail cash credit / overdraft / short-term loan under the MSME cash product.

Features and Benefits
  • The nature of the loan is Open Cash Credit / Short-term loan (W/c) / SOD.
  • The purpose of the loan is OCC /SOD for Working Capital requirements.
  • STL (W/c) for Procurement of Raw material for business related usage / Obtention of ISO certification / R&D expenses, etc.,
  • OCC - Normal Running Account with multi-city cheque facility subject to availability of Drawing Power.
  • STL (W/c) - Term loan accounts are the types of facilities available in this loan.
Charges and Limits
  • 36 months - Maximum tenor for STL.
  • 12 months - for CC / SOD. Renewable yearly.
  • OCC - 25% on stocks / 40% on receivables.
  • STL - 25%
  • SOD - Minimum 40% on immovable property offered as security with a security coverage of 166.67%.
  • For OCC / STL:
  • Primary: Hypothecation of entire Current Assets. For calculation of Drawing Power Paid Stocks and Book Debts up to a maximum 120 days excluding receivables from sister concerns and bills purchased, if any.
  • Collateral: Exclusive charge on entire fixed assets of the unit with a minimum 75% of aggregate exposure. Alternatively, other tangible assets equivalent with a minimum of 75% exposure.
  • For SOD:
  • Primary: EM on immovable properties or other tangible assets with minimum security coverage of 166.67%.
  • Collateral: Hypothecation of entire current assets.
Guarantors Proprietor / Partners / Directors / Title holders of the property given as security and Husband of Lady guarantors / Proprietrix.
Interest Rate
  • The applicable Rate of Interest (ROI) is linked to the Credit Score / Rating.
  • For details please refer the section on Interest Rates.
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