Acceptance of CSRF forms or registration under NPS in case of subscriber who has lost both hands.

This is with reference to PFRDA circular PFRDA/17/SUP-SG/1 dated 04.10.2019 and find below the gist of the content of the referred circular for benefit of all.

The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) has received few requests from the Govt Nodal offices, requesting PFRDA to accept the subscriber registration (CSRF) form in case of such subscriber-employees joining under them, who are unable to affix signature on the CSRF form, is due to loss of both hands.

In view of the above and to facilitate the registration of such subscribers under NPS, the Govt Nodal offices/PoPs are advised to accept the subscriber registration (CSRF) form by obtaining the toe impression of the subscriber on the CSRF form. Further, where toe impression of such subscriber who has lost both hands is obtained on the CSRF form, it should be attested by two persons, one of whom should be the official designated to handle NPS related activities in Govt Nodal office /PoP.

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