The Prepaid Card is a magnetic stripe-based reloadable prepaid card. You can use this card to shop at various merchant outlet terminals accepting credit/debit cards.

1. Where can I use my PrepaidCard?

The Prepaid Cards is accepted at any merchant outlet where RUPAY cards are accepted.

2. Is the Prepaid Card a secured card?

No. The Prepaid Card is more than a secured card. It does not require to you to put up a security deposit in order to obtain one. There are no interest charges or credit checks.

3. What is the 24-hour Customer Care number?

1860 258 1916

4. How do I apply for my Prepaid Card?

You can request your company to have a Karur Vysya Bank Marketing Executive get you one. But the Company has to first form a partnership with Karur Vysya Bank for issuing Prepaid Cards to its employees.

5. Where can I get details of the last 10 transactions I have made?

Information on the last 10 transactions will be available at the helpline / Online customer Portal.

6. Can I add funds to my Karur Vysya Bank Prepaid card?

No. You cannot add funds to your Karur Vysya Bank Prepaid Card. Only your Company,by way of salary and reimbursements will add the funds.

7. What happens if my Karur Vysya Bank Prepaid Card is lost or stolen?

If your Karur Vysya Bank Prepaid Card is lost or stolen, you will need to report it to our Customer Care Centre immediately so that your card can be deactivated. You will then be issued a replacement card. The number to report the lost or stolen card will be provided with your card when you receive it.

8. Do I need to keep a minimum balance on the card?

No. However, please keep a balance on your card so that you will have access to it in the event of an emergency.

9. How do I activate my Karur Vysya Bank Prepaid Card?

Your Karur Vysya Bank Prepaid Card would be activated, when your company transfers the funds.

10. Is the Card safe?

Absolutely. It works just like a RUPAY Debit Card. So when you make a purchase requiring a signature, the merchant will verify the signed receipt against your signature on the back of the card.

11. What is my card is used without my permission?

You should call our 24-hour Customer Care immediately to deactivate it.

12. Can I change my ATM PIN?

Yes, you can change the same in KVB ATM.

13. What happens if I forget my PIN?

You should call the helpline and a new PIN (physical mailer) will be sent to the home branch / customer registered address.

14. How do I check the balance on my card?

You can check the balance on your card at RUPAY enabled ATM or by calling our 24-hour Customer Care. You will need to have your card number when checking your balance via 24-hour Customer Care.

15. What is the maximum amount that I can withdraw?

When you receive your Karur Vysya Bank Prepaid Card, you will have no credit available to you. The funds loaded by your company will determine the amount you can withdraw.

16. What is the minimum and maximum money I can withdraw in a single transaction?

The minimum you can withdraw is Rs. 100 and thereafter, in multiples of Rs. 100. You can withdraw a maximum of Rs. 50,000/- per day or the entire amount on the card (in multiples of Rs. 100) whichever is less at the ATM (or as specified by the enterprise).

17. How long is my Karur Vysya Bank Prepaid Card valid for?

The Karur Vysya Bank Prepaid card is valid upto 2 years. The validity period will be displayed on the card.

18. What happens to the card if I leave the Prepaid membership?

You can continue to use the card till there are no balances left on the card or you can withdraw balances at an ATM. (the card should be surrendered to the employer before leaving the organization)

19. How do I top up the value a card?

The KCP Card shall be loaded / reloaded only by debit to a Bank Account maintained by Corporate in KVB. Loading and reloading is as per the corporate instructions. It is not possible for cardholders to request a reload.













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