FAQs on VISA Debit Card and ATM Operations

1. What is a debit card?

Debit Card is an electronic purse, which allows the holder to withdraw cash from ATMs and also enables for purchase through POS and E-commerce. Debit Cards are issued in collaboration either with VISA, MASTER Card or RUPAY.

2. Whether the debit cards issued by KVB is EMV chip-enabled cards?

Yes, the debit cards issued from 01.02.2016 by KVB are EMV chip-enabled Debit cards.

3. What is Karur Vysya Bank’s Debit Card?

Karur Vysya Bank is issuing EMV Chip-enabled debit card as a principal member of VISA, Mastercard and RuPay, which will be the easiest way to access customer’s account. A debit card will allow the customer for purchase through POS / E-commerce and withdraw Cash from any ATMs in India and abroad. It is a 24 hours banking facility.

4. What is the difference between a Debit Card and a Credit Card?

The basic difference between a debit card and a credit card is that the debit card gives the customer access to his / her own money whereas the credit card is a form of a loan and allows line of credit offered by the bank. As in case of a debit card, there will be an online debit to the customer’s account. There is no hassle of receiving bills, making payments on due dates, making payment of interest on the amount not paid, etc.,

5. What is an International Debit Card?

The basic difference between a Debit Card and an International Debit Card is that the International Debit card is valid across the globe whereas the Debit card is valid only in India. Our bank is issuing International EMV Debit Cards to all our customers.

6. What is PIN?

PIN is a FOUR Digit Personal Identification Number, which is issued to the customer in a CLOSED envelope and is delivered to him separately. Customers are requested to ensure that PIN envelop is received by them INTACT and they are also requested to change his PIN immediately. Under no circumstance, PIN should be divulged to anyone including to an official from the Bank.

7. Who can have Debit Card?

All Savings Bank and Rainbow Savings Bank Customers including NRI customers, other than minors, are eligible for a debit card. It is also issued to customers having accounts in joint names provided operating instructions are ‘Payable to Either or Survivor’. We are issuing to current account customers wherever multiple signatories are there, all those signature have to give a joint declaration favoring a single authorized signatory to operate the card.

8. What should customer do on receipt of Debit Card?

Customers are advised to immediately sign on the panel on the back of the card. However, to prevent any possible misuse, even before delivery of card to a customer, it has been made mandatory that customer should first use the card at ATM, which requires the PIN to be entered. Debit Card will be activated for use at POS only after it is used at ATM.

9. Where the ATM / Debit Cards can be used?

  • All KVB’s ATMs.

  • At other bank ATMs in India and ATMs worldwide which display VISA / VISA ELECTRON / Master Card / Rupay sign.

  • At Point-of-Sales (POS) in India and around 10 million globally which display VISA / VISA ELECTRON / Mastercard / RuPay sign.

10. What are the benefits of having KVB Debit Cards? or What are the services available in KVB Debit Cards?


Fund Transfer Service:

Card to Card fund transfer service enables to transfer amount from one KVB debit card to other KVB debit card.

Card to Account fund transfer service enables to transfer amount from KVB debit card to other KVB CASA account holders.

(The above-said fund transfer service is enabled to transfer funds within KVB and it is not enabled to transfer funds to other Bank’s Debit card and Other Banks’ CASA accounts).

Fast Cash withdrawal:

It is a withdrawal of pre-specified amount. At present Rs. 500/-, Rs. 1,000/- Rs.2,000/-, Rs. 4,000/- can be withdrawn from the customer account.

Withdraw cash:

The customers can withdraw up to Rs. 30,000/- daily depending on the availability of balance in the account.

Make a balance enquiry:

It shows the current balance in the respective accounts.

Change PIN:

The customer can change his / her Personal Identification Number (PIN) as often as required. This is to maintain secrecy and prevent any misuse of the ATM-cum-Debit card.

It is a statement of account showing the last 5 transactions in the account.

At other VISA / Other Bank’s ATM,

  • Withdraw cash

  • Make a balance enquiry

  • At Point-of-Sales (POS)

  • Make payment for purchases

11. What are the Debit Card Usage Ceiling highlights?

  • At ATMs: Rs 30,000/- per day. This limit shall be increased to Rs: 40,000/- based on the customer request.

  • At Point-of-Sales: Rs 30,000/- per day. These limits are subject to balance available in the account of card holder.

12. What is the annual / Renewal / Add-on card Fees and Transaction Fee Structure?

  • For charges related to Debit card and transactions - Click here

13. Are any formalities required to be completed by the Bank for international transactions?

NO, the customer is required to use the Card as per his foreign exchange entitlements only and necessary formalities as required under FEMA 1999 are to be complied with by the customer.

14. What are all the other ATMs that accept KVB’s Debit / ATM Cards?

ATMs of all Banks that come under the banner of NFS, VISA and Master Card accept KVB’s Debit/ATM cards.

15. What is the Validity Period for a Debit Card?

Our Bank Debit cards have the validity of eight years. This validity may be varied within eight years subject to date of issuance of the debit card to the customer.

16. Where could I get the help in case of loss of Debit / ATM Card?

Debit cards can be Hotlist/Blocked through the below options.,

Customer Care:

Customer Care Centre at Chennai works on 24X7 basis. Helpline Number 1860 258 1916 (Local charges Applicable),

E-mail - customersupport@kvbmail.com

KVB DLite: (KVB Mobile Banking)

KVB DLite (Dashboard → Services → Debit card details/Hotlist)

KVB e-Book: (KVB's Non-financial Mobile App)

KVB e-Book à Menu à Accounts à Debit Card details & Hotlist

SMS: (From Registered Mobile Number)

KVBCARD XXXX BLOCK to 56161 or 9244770000

(XXXX = Last 4 digits of your debit card)

Card hot listing can also be done through KVB DLite (Dashboard → Services → Debit card details/Hotlist) & for instant hot listing contact our HELPDESK at 1860 258 1916 (Local charges Applicable)



KVBCARD YYYY INQ to 56161 or 9244770000

(YYYY = your 16 digit account number)

17. When will the customer get the renewal card if the existing debit card is expired?

If the existing debit card is about to get expired, the renewal card will be despatched directly to the customer mailing address only if the customer had carried out atleast one successful financial transaction in ATM using his existing debit card in the past one year.

In case the customer had not carried out any successful financial transaction in the past one year, renewal debit card will not be provided. In this scenario, if customer needs debit card, the application for new debit card need to be submitted in their home branch.

18. What is the procedure to be followed in case of loss of Debit Card?

In case of loss of card, the customer will be required to report the loss IMMEDIATELY over the phone to our 24 hours Helpdesk Helpline Number 1860 258 1916 (Local charges Applicable). He will also be required to report the loss to the nearest police station and inform the Bank in writing.

19. When will the customer get a replacement card in place of lost one?

The replacement card will be issued to the customer after receipt of the above information and a request for issuing of replacement card from the customer parent / base branch. The replacement card will be issued against payment of requisite charges as per bank’s tariff of charges, which will be debited to Customer’s account after issuing card, if applicable.

20. How do I protect my card?

  • As soon as you receive your card, check the name and sign on the signature panel.

  • Do not give your card to anyone for any kind of use.

  • Do not sign blank charge slips in the merchant establishments.

  • Do not give your card number to anyone conducting a survey.

  • Do not keep your card near electronic gadgets as it may corrupt the magnetic stripe on the card.

  • Do not reveal the PIN number to anybody.

21. If a customer returns the goods to POS or cancel the transactions, will his account be credited online?

In case he / she cancels the transaction immediately, the customer’s account will be credited immediately. However, if any customer returns the goods later, the merchant will make the payment to our Base branch through acquirer. The switch will pass on the credit to customer’s account thereafter.

22. What is an Add-on card?

We offer add-on card to your spouse, children and parents. This card will be issued to them irrespective of their income, provided they are over 18 years of age. This add-on card service enables your spouse/ children / parent to withdrawal cash / purchase goods where ever they need. The transaction amount got reflected in your account.













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