FAQs on Reliance Money Express Ltd of Western Union

1. What is “(WU) Reliance Money Express”?

It is a fast, simple and convenient method to transfer money from one place to another. However, in India, a person can only receive money from abroad through this service.

2. Who is a “Send Agent”?

Sub-Agent under Western Union in a country abroad to send remittances.

3. Who is a “Receive Agent”?

Sub-Agent appointed by Western Union in India to receive the remittance and effect payment to the beneficiary is a “Receive Agent”.

4. Is there any Application Form prescribed?

Yes. “To Receive Money Form” (TRM Form).

5. Who has to fill the form?

The Beneficiary customer has to fill up the form. The official attending the customer may assist in getting it filled.

6. What are the details to be furnished in the “TO RECEIVE MONEY FORM” Form?

Details of the receiver and Sender to be duly signed.

7. Can the beneficiary authorize another person to receive the money on his / her behalf?

No. The beneficiary has to receive the amount in person.

8. Can the name of the beneficiary be changed and if so when?

Name of the beneficiary can be changed by the Sender through the “Send Agent” - Abroad. This can be done at any time before the remittance is paid.

9. What are the purposes for which remittances can be made through Reliance Money Express?

Towards family maintenance. In other words only for personal purposes and not for any trade purposes. Foreign tourists visiting India can also receive remittance through Reliance Money Express.

10. What is a “Personal purpose”?

Any remittance between two individuals which are not trade related.

11. Can a Foreign Passport holder (Foreign National - not a person of Indian origin) be the beneficiary of a Reliance Money Express?

Yes. For Foreign National visiting Indian can be the beneficiary of Reliance Money Express. The per day ceiling of a cash payment of Rs. 50,000/- also does not apply in this case. While making payment to them, insist and obtain a copy of the passport / visa of the beneficiary as the identification document (to be verified with original and copy kept).

12. What is the maximum amount that can be sent?

An amount not exceeding the equivalent to USD 2500 can be sent.

13. Are there any restrictions as to the number of remittances to be made in a year?

Not exceeding 12 remittances in a calendar year.

14. Can the remittances be made for credit to FCNR/NRE accounts?

No. It can not be credited to FCNR/NRE accounts.

15. What is the commission/charge to be collected at the time of making payment?

The full amount as received is to be paid to the beneficiary. No charge / commission has to be collected from the customer at the time of collecting the money.

16. Which are the documents acceptable for identification of the beneficiary?


17. What is “MTCN” number?

It is a 10 digit transaction reference number given by Western Union to the remitter at the time of remittance.

18. Can there be multiple transactions in a day?

No. There can be only two transactions been allowed in a day.

19. Which are all the countries from where Reliance Money Express remittances can originate to India?

Western Union has 3 Lakhs plus locations spread in over 200 countries the remittance can be sent from anywhere across the world.

20. When a customer comes to the bank’s counter and informs money has been remitted in his / her favour through Western Union and gives details but there is no transaction in the outstanding list.

The customer can be advised to contact the remitter or to contact the WU CSC Bangalore to sought out the Intervention.

21. In case a beneficiary approaches any one of the sub-agent to pick up a transfer made, can the bank pay it?

Yes. The beneficiary can approach any agent to get the remittance.

Contact details,
Western Union Call Center: 1800 425 1851
Reliance(Western Union) Call Center:1860 200 2274
Office address is as follows,
Reliance Money Express Ltd,
901, 9th floor, Kailash Building,
K.G Marg, Connaught Place,
New Delhi - 110001












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