Precautions for use of Debit / Credit Card

  • Do sign your card on the backside, immediately on receipt from the bank.
  • Always erase the 3-digit CVV number on the backside of the card. Memorize it for your use.
  • Do not share your Credit / Debit Card numbers, PIN number with anyone, not even with the bank officials.
  • Do not write down your PIN number anywhere. Memorize it.
  • Do not share your OTP (One Time Password) with anyone over phone or mail.
  • Do not carry out financial transactions while using public networks, i.e., Internet café, free Wi-Fi, etc.,
  • While using ATMs, make sure that you shield keypad of ATM with your hand while entering your PIN.
  • Ensure that merchants swipe your card in your presence in their Point of Sale (POS) terminals. Shield the POS PIN pad while entering your PIN.
  • Avoid using ATMs located in isolated or dimly lit places without security.
  • Do not crumple and throw away the ATM transaction slips. The information printed in the slip can be misused. Always destroy the transaction slips into small pieces and then throw them into the trash.
  • Do not use ATM where the card reader appears to be tampered with, i.e., broken, scratched, damaged, sticky with glue, has extra wiring or loose parts around the slot, difficulty in inserting the card, etc., Look for any camera / blinking light in the close vicinity.
  • Do not delay to report a lost Debit / Credit Card as the consequences can be adverse.
  • Do change your PIN numbers as often as convenient.
  • Register for SMS and E-mail alerts, whenever your account is accessed or debited.
  • Verify the transactions in your bank statement regularly to identify suspicious transactions.
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