Smart Phone Safety Tips

  • Download applications only from official App Stores. Do not download the apps from links in messages, emails, etc.,
  • Think twice before you allow permission for the apps to record audio and video, sending out data including text messages, contacts, personal images, videos, locations, etc.,
  • Maintain physical control of your device, especially in public or semi-public places.
  • Disable interfaces such as Bluetooth, infrared, or Wi-Fi when not in use. Attackers can exploit vulnerabilities in software that use these interfaces.
  • Always be aware of the security features installed on the mobile devices.
  • Have a decent password and use encryption.
  • Avoid clicking on web-links from unknown sources: Stay away from suspicious websites when browsing because it may lead to malicious websites that can affect the smart-phone severely.
  • Avoid jail-breaking or rooting your phone: It makes your phone highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks as all the security features of your phone will be removed while jail-breaking / rooting the device.
  • Update apps as often as possible: With each app that remains outdated, including browsers, one’s phone is more vulnerable to infections.
  • Update OS: Apply any security updates issued by their carrier or device manufacturer as they become available.
  • Install well-known antivirus software and update it regularly. Run full scan periodically.
  • Avoid unknown Wi-Fi networks: Avoid connecting phones to unsecured wireless networks that do not need passwords to access.
  • Backup your data: There is nothing worse than losing all your contacts, pictures and other sensitive data stored in your phone to a cyber-attack.
  • Use social media networking applications carefully: Your personal information can be misused and your locations can be tracked.
  • Delete data before discarding the device: It’s very important to delete all your data from your mobile phone before discarding it, to avoid having your personal information compromised.
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