ATM Operations

Apart from withdrawing cash, checking balance, getting statements and cash deposits now you can use your ATMs for various other purposes too. We will see in detail about the same.

Collection of Chennai Corporation Property Tax

The Karur Vysya Bank Ltd. now offers another convenience to its customers. All KVB Customers who have property in Chennai can pay their property tax through KVB branches and through KVB ATMs.

Customers can pay the tax through the following two modes.

Walk-in Payment System

  • Customers can walk into any of the authorized branches and can pay the property tax (Click here to see the authorized branches).

  • The property tax may be paid by way of cash / Local Cheque / Local pay orders / Demand Drafts / Transfer. No outstation cheque will be accepted for paying the property tax.

  • Service Charges will not be collected from the customers while collecting property tax.

Payment of Property Tax through ATMs

Following are the ways to use this facility:

  • KVB has developed a utility for payment of property tax by our customers to corporation of Chennai through our Bank ATMs. This is one of the value added service and that will be available in the KVB ATMs across India.

  • Our customers can make the payment of property tax anywhere in India through our bank’s ATMs if they have property in Chennai.

  • Other bank customers cannot pay the property tax through our ATMs.

Institutional Fee Payment through ATM

You now have access to an unparalleled service provided by KVB which enables you to pay your institution fee through KVB ATMs using your KVB Debit Cards, 24 X 7.

These fees include:

  • Tuition Fees.

  • Exam Fees.

  • Hostel Fees.

  • Any other fee payable to the institution.

How it Works

Registration Step:

Register your Debit Card at any of our ATMs, as a one-time procedure.

Payment Step:

Select the “Institution Fee Payment” option which will display the list of fees, and confirm the same.

Accounting Step:

Once you key in the amount and confirm, your account will be debited and the institution account will be credited online.

We are offering this service free of cost through all our ATMs.











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