KVB Mobile Banking Operations

1. Funds Transfer through IMPS

KVB DLite offers the facility of inter-bank transfer of funds through Immediate Payment Service of NPCI. This is a secure and instant mode of transfer of funds through the mobile phone in real time with immediate confirmation.

Eligibility: All our current and savings bank account and selected overdraft account customers are eligible to avail these services.

Registration: Existing customers have to submit the prescribed application form to the branch where they hold their account. New customers can opt for the facility at the time of opening their accounts.

Service Charges: The facility is provided free of service charges to our customers.

2. TNEB Bill Payments through KVB DLite

Now, get more out of your mobile phone. KVB now offers TNEB Bill Payment through KVB DLite application. All KVB Customers of Tamilnadu can now remit their TNEB Bill Payment through KVB DLite application. This can be done through the following steps.

  • Download KVB DLite application in your registered mobile phone and log in using your credentials.

  • Select “Bill Pay” from the main menu.

  • Select “TNEB” from the top menu bar.

  • Select the region from the list.

  • Enter TNEB Consumer Number and Click FETCH BILL.

  • The request will be processed and the bill amount will be displayed on the next screen.

  • Confirm the information displayed on the screen and click Submit.

  • Enter your 4 digit mPIN to process the payment.

  • Confirmation message will be displayed after the successful transaction.

  • Confirmation SMS is also sent to the registered mobile number.

3. Mobile Alerts

Your mobile phone can be used to receive intimations via SMS for balance enquiries, transaction enquiries, cheque status enquiries, etc., This is possible with mobile alerts, which can be received through most of the service providers, for both GSM and CDMA enabled handsets.

The two types of mobile alerts available are:

  • SMS enquiries.

  • SMS alerts.

The basic difference between enquiries and alerts is that alerts are sent by the bank without being requested by you, provided you have registered for the service whereas enquiries are requests sent by you to the bank requesting for information about your account.

4. Operational Guidelines

SMS Enquiries:

The facilities available under SMS enquiries are:

  • Balance.

  • Transaction.

  • Cheque status.

  • Cheque stop payment instruction.

  • Cheque book request.

  • Term deposit.

5. SMS to be sent to 9244770000 or 56161

SMS Alerts:

Alerts can be in the form of either an SMS or an email or both.

The facilities available under SMS alerts are:

  • Credit alert.

  • Debit alert.

  • Balance alert.

You can avail the SMS enquiry service on your mobile phone without visiting the branch for registration if your mobile number is already fed into the customer master list. You can also log on to our KVB website and activate the facility.

You have to submit an application form to avail of the SMS alert facility.

6. Keywords for SMS enquiries

  • KVBREG - To register for KVB at Mobile facility.

  • KVBBAL - Balance enquiry.

  • KVBTXN - Transaction enquiry.

  • KVBCHR - Request for a new cheque book.

  • KVBCHQ - Cheque status enquiry.

  • KVBCHS - Request to stop the payment of a cheque.

  • KVBTDQ - Term Deposit enquiry.

  • KVBACC - To change default account number.

  • KVBHLP - Help (to get a list of keywords).

7. Keywords for Activation / De-activation of e-statement and Physical Statement:

  • KVBESTAT xxxx REG - Activation of e-Statement.

  • KVBESTAT xxxx DEREG - De-Activation of e-Statement.

  • KVBESTAT xxxx FREQ y - Frequency change of e-Statement.

  • KVBESTAT xxxx INQ - e-Statement inquiry (to know the last statement dispatch date by the bank).

  • KVBSTAT xxxx REG - Activation of Physical Statement (Only for selected products).

  • KVBSTAT xxxx DEREG - De-activation of Physical Statement (only for selected products).


xxxx - denotes the Account Number of the customer.

y - Denotes the FREQ to be updated where M for Monthly, B for Bi-Monthly, W for Weekly and D for Daily.

8. USSD Based Services:

Get more out of your mobile phone!

KVB presents USSD based host of services which are available through your mobile phone including the inter-bank transfer of funds. This service is supported by the following Telecom Service Providers.

List of TSPs

  • Airtel

  • BSNL

  • Idea

  • MTNL

  • Quadrant

  • Vodafone

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a protocol used by GSM cellular telephones to communicate with the service provider’s computers. USSD messages can hold up to 182 alphanumeric characters in length. USSD can be used for WAP browsing, prepaid callback service, mobile money services, location-based content services, menu-based information services and as part of configuring the phone on the network.

9. About NUUP:

NUUP stands for NPCI Unified USSD Platform. Under NUUP the maximum transaction limit per day per customer is Rs. 5,000/-. The common menu provided by NUUP is as follows.

  • Balance Enquiries

  • Mini Statement

  • Funds Transfer - MMID

  • Funds Transfer - Account No

  • Know MMID

  • Change mPIN

  • Generate OTP













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