Bon Voyage

KVB has structured a loan called "KVB Bon Voyage Scheme" to undertake foreign travel for business or pleasure. Indian Citizens and Persons residing in India shall avail this loan.

Features and Benefits
  • The loan is for personal purposes.
  • The loan amount is to finance foreign travel expenditure whether it is business or personal.
  • The guarantor can be any creditworthy person who is related to the borrower.
Charges and Limits
Margin 25%
Repayment Tenor 36 Months
Primary Security DPN
Collateral Security Optional / Discretion of sanctioning authority.
Guarantee Nil
Processing Charges 0.30% of Loan amount. (Minimum - Rs. 500/-)
Other Terms & Conditions
  • The Person shall be an Indian citizen or person residing in India.
  • Foreign Exchange cannot be released for travel to Nepal / Bhutan.
  • In the case of a person in employment, take home salary shall be at least Rs. 1.80 Lakhs per annum.
  • In case of persons in employment, it shall be ensured that the net take-home salary that would be available to the borrower after deducting the EMI for the proposed loan shall be at least 25% of gross salary as indicated by salary certificate/pay slip.
  • The amount of loan eligible shall be arrived at after reducing the stipulated margin from the eligible costs. All ineligible costs shall be met entirely by the borrower.
  • In the case of persons in employment, undertaking letter shall be obtained from employer to deduct monthly installments and make direct payment to our bank.
Interest Rate
Nature of Facility ROI
Bon Voyage – Fully secured (One year MCLR + 5.95%)
Bon Voyage – Partially secured (One year MCLR + 7.45%)

Note : Rate of Interest linked to MCLR. Rates will change based on prevalent MCLR.

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